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It is my honor to have you here. Welcome to the Mosaic Podcast where we give voice to the voiceless and amplify the messages of those who are already sharing their messages. 

Oct 23, 2020

Simran Singh

SIMRAN is a recognized speaker and catalyst for love, compassion and humanity. As an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness, she advocates for the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person, through creating and sharing FREE conscious, uplifting and inspirational media. To support this humanitarian effort, become a Patron: 

SIMRAN is #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio, host of 11:11 InnerViews TV, and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. Author of (1) IPPY and IPA Gold Award-winning Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment and (3) IPPY Gold Award-winning Your Journey to Love. SIMRAN creates art, books, and online courses to bridge humanity’s experience and expression.

She is a Tedx speaker, the creator of the One-Woman Show, The Rebel Road… Connecting the Dots from What Was to What Is and  As an ‘Example’ for a New World Experience of Aliveness, she advocates for the Visionary and Mystic embodied within each person, while engaging individuals in the embrace of their darkest depths so to uncover their brilliance of Light.

the first time i met her, i asked her to share her experience of a journey she took as i was about to set out on a trip to speak to those no one speaks to and listen to those no one listens to. here is the advice she gave me:

though the voice of the many, the voice of the one is shared. the trip i was taking had to be completely for me, if no-one ever saw it, if no one ever funded it, it would be enough.

she shared with me, her journey was stepping out of a life that she was supposed to live into finding who she was; it meant not being always what she should be and discovering who she wasn’t; she went willing to be all the things she wasn’t, willing go on an adventure. and when she said this one simple sentence, it really affected me: 

"everything in life is a reflection of us speaking to us about us."

every person i met, everything that came to me was coming to me to speak to me about me. she told me, i took the rebel road, to take the journey of the unknown, no agenda, but purely to express my own voice and i knew the universe would lead me on its own way.

this was purely for me. the world does not need me to change it. when i spoke to people, i said, i am not here for you, i am here for me. by the end of the journey, (7 months on the road with her children) but and experience that lasted seven years. there was so much light in those seven months that it opened up everything cellular, ancestral, that could be opened up in darkness. she went into the darkness, into the pain, into the doubt, into all the things we try to avoid going into and when she emerged after 7 years, the darkness was gone.

you can clearly see why i was excited to speak more with Simran. i was a guest on her show which i loved. here is the link to that show:

here is what we talked about on The Mosaic Podcast:

  • the connection we feel even though we have never met in person
  • what it means to be an ordinary person having extraordinary experiences
  • a discussion on ordinary and extraordinary
  • growing up too quick, working in her family business, and believing that if she worked hard she would be loved
  • the process of deadening herself to doing what others wanted of her
  • the crack of ego that happens when things get too hard
  • the pain and beauty of the crack
  • discovering what it means to serve herself AND others, who are we, what do we want, what does the soul desire?
  • the excruciating pain of ripping off the mask that is glued to your face and cracking the ego that hides the soul.
  • feeling the space between the irritation of the false that was created and the truth of the soul
  • allowing what is new to emerge and allowing the mask under the mask under the mask to be cracked
  • as we become less of who we were, we tap into more of the truth of what we are
  • it is not who we are but what we are
  • all of the cracking that is taking place is the casting aside of all of the adornments so that we can walk through the door of our own humanity
  • the pain of letting go of who we were vs. remembering what we are and what is coming.
  • the bridge between here and there
  • the past is in a box and the new can’t be confined
  • 99.99% of us are unconscious 99.99% of the time. even the most conscious of those amongst us.
  • be present to the moment and whatever that moment offers. pain, pleasure, despair, etc.  this moment takes you to the next moment. 
  • instead of figuring out how to experience the pain and to not let it overcome her, she choose to invite the experience of the pain TO overcome her
  • being in the feeling of her tears and her knees buckling and knowing what it was there to give her
  • curling up in the presence of this wound and allowing the wound to heal her.
  • what appeared in her life had gold in it 
  • knowing the true light that was in the center of that darkness,  that all the light she was experiencing was artificial lighting and she wanted to know true, real light that shows what the darkness looks like
  • and sooooooo much more

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