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It is my honor to have you here. Welcome to the Mosaic Podcast where we give voice to the voiceless and amplify the messages of those who are already sharing their messages. 

Feb 29, 2020

Lisa Daron Grossman, founder of The Connection Cure, speaker, facilitator, and coach, has made it her life's work to listen, learn, and engage in conversations around loneliness, connection, and compassion. 

A native New Yorker, she has been living on the road full-time as part of her cross-country human engagement...

Feb 29, 2020


Richard Blanco’s mother, seven months pregnant, and the rest of the family arrived as exiles from Cuba to Madrid where he was born. 

Forty-five days later, the family immigrated once more to New York City, and eventually settled in Miami. Only a few weeks old, Blanco already belonged to three countries, a...

Feb 27, 2020

Darrell Stern is known around the world as the Digital Marketing Jedi.

"You are a gift to the world, and the world needs your gifts." Mr. Stern proclaims as his marketing agency and marketing academy teaches his philosophy behind profits and influence.

As the voice of Scooter Computer on ABC's SchoolHouse rock in 1983,...

Feb 26, 2020

Born in Hong Kong, raised in England and now residing in Los Angeles, Didi Wong is an Award Winning International Keynote Speaker, TV Producer, Business Mentor, Best-Selling Author and Angel Investor.

Didi is the CEO of The Yes Academy, a results driven educational mentorship program for entrepreneurs.  

Listen to The...

Feb 24, 2020

For episode 50, i decided to try something different. i decided to record the podcast by myself, as i have been wanting to share so much with you of what life is looking like moving forward that i thought EPISODE 50 was a great milestone to do just that. i hope you love it

Listen in to hear:

  • The story about writing...