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It is my honor to have you here. Welcome to the Mosaic Podcast where we give voice to the voiceless and amplify the messages of those who are already sharing their messages. 

Sep 3, 2020

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Steve Farber is Ranked on Inc.’s Global Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts list, Steve Farber is a Wall St Journal best-selling author and the founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute. His first book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, was named one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time. His new book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business, has been listed by Book Authority as one of the top business strategy books of 2020.he says, “Promoting Love Is Just Damn Good Business”  and invites you to receive a  free LEAP Assessment at

Steve believes, It’s time to toss aside the touchy-feely notions of love in business and recognise the real power it holds. Love is not only appropriate in the context of business, it’s the foundation of great leadership, and, therefore, the very foundation of a thriving, competitive enterprise. When love is part of an organization’s framework and operationalized in its culture, employees and customers feel genuinely valued. Employees who are passionate about the work that they do are more loyal, innovative, creative, and inspired, and that translates to great customer experience. They don’t serve others out of obligation, but because of a genuine desire to improve people’s lives. And when customers reciprocate by loving your products, your services, and your people, that’s when something great happens. That’s when you get loyalty. That’s when you get raving fans. It’s a refreshingly human way of doing business.


this is one of those pivotal conversations that you just have to listen to.  it was unique not only in the conversation we had but in the application of how to introduce love into the business arena. choosing speak about love as the passion you have for what you are do and the feeling you have for the products and services that you offer, rather than speaking from a place of having to love yourself first or love your team, he brings that culture of love in in a way that corporate people can understand and thens peaks of what happens when your team says, “i love working here.” and your clients say, “ i love what these people do."

does that mean that everything becomes perfect. listen in to and out. this is a beautiful conversation and one in which Steve, like many others that i interview comments on the uniqueness of the questions and feel of the interview.

i highly encourage you to visit his websites and spend some time there and inviting Steve to come and do a presentation for your team. 

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