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It is my honor to have you here. Welcome to the Mosaic Podcast where we give voice to the voiceless and amplify the messages of those who are already sharing their messages. 

Nov 6, 2019

Bryan and Jen Dangerz (aka TheDangerz)

They have spent the last 7yrs living a nomadic lifestyle focused on happiness and adventure. They converted first a VW Bus into a living space and travelled to the bottommost point of Central America. As money was running out, they returned to Oregon and built a tiny house (really more of a loft) out of their garage and spent a year helping others to minimise their living situations, and then choose to rent out their garage as a B&B to live in our Sprinter CamperVan and are digital nomads running our small businesses from the road. 

Somewhere along the way they met an old sailor who inspired them to sell their Sprinter Camper/Van and buy a sailboat and take their adventure to the sea. The only thing is that neither of them ever sailed before and so they used this as an opportunity to jump into something they knew nothing about and continue their adventure.

They decided several years ago to become minimalists and to collect memories rather than material things and eventually quit their jobs to live a simple and happy lifestyle today rather than waiting on a retirement that may never come.

In this podcast, you will hear about:

  • The ManCrush I have on these two beautiful people because they have been nomads doing what I have wanted to do for the past 8 years. Hear about that life now
  • Hear about the things they wanted to be and how the adults talked tham out of it.
  • How the questions I asked them brought a response I didn’t expect
  • How to step out of the life you no longer want to live
  • How the commitment to living the life we hate living, that causes us stress and diseases, because of finances is changed by a relationship with someone who never felt any of these things
  • A stressed out business guy meets and Oregon hippie girl
  • Hear how 2 very different lives come together
  • See how the way we see the world can be completely different frommthe way others see us
  • Hear how it is not only possible, but beautiful to meet and love a completely different people
  • You don’t know until you ask and diving into that ask makes us look at the labels we assign to people and how untrue they are
  • How to find the courage to leave everything you know. How to leave the stress that makes our life so hard and leave that to live a life that is based on happiness.
  • The comfort of knowing now that we could always go back. It was terrifying then, but not now.
  • The fear of the first step
  • The shift that allows all the other shift to happen
  • What if’s world. What if some of the what if’s we are scared of is something we will want to do later
  • The place where literally the road ends, what do we do?
  • What happens when we realize what we are running from is not what we are running from
  • The realization that we didn’t need to do things the way we were doing it, we could recreate it to be the way we want if we re-open ourselves up to things we had originally shut down
  • The road made us realize we were just as comfortable in our home as we were on the road and so we created a scenario where our home could finance our travels and our travels could energize our return home.
  • What changed that made the same place feel entirely different
  • How we recreated the same reality that made us leave and how they dealt with that.
  • The delicate balance of learning lessons more than one time
  • The discovery of hearing them speak and watching them discover what each other really think
  • What happens when the pollyannaish dream crashes and things don’t work out
  • How to move from freak out to just solving the problem
  • What they found out about people in the process of their journey
  • What scared them and how they dealt with their fears
  • The things that send most people home is not the danger of the travel but rather the ability to deal with our own minds
  • and so much more . . . .

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Facebook.   @followtheDangerz

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