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It is my honor to have you here. Welcome to the Mosaic Podcast where we give voice to the voiceless and amplify the messages of those who are already sharing their messages. 

May 30, 2019

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, energy and imagination of its own people. The future of any successful business comes in understanding the three legs of the stool. When each leg functions from a place of passion, a business explodes.

There is only one thing that all successful companies in the world have in common, Listen to this episode to find out what that is.

Francesco Sirolli is the son of Dr. Ernesto Sirolli. a strangely interesting and charismatic man (his words) who he only saw once a year. Francesco  lived with his mother in the early years and as a good Italian son, his mother shaped his world. When he moved to Australia, he got to see his father more and his relationship with him changed. Francesco’s mission is to now bring the work of his father into the next 30 years of life.



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